President Kennedy, L.B.J, and the Cuban Missile Crisis

(Quatrain 4-14)

"La mort subite du premier person-nage.
 Aura change et mis un autre au regne:
Tot, tard venu a si haut et bas age,
Que terre et mer faudra qu’on le craigne

The sudden death of the first personnage will have caused change
and put another into sovereignty.
Soon, but late come to so high a position, of young age,
such as by land and sea it will be neccesary to fear him.

The sudden death (suggesting an assassination) of the first personage ( a leader of a nation, possibly suggesting President John F. Kennedy) will have caused change (suggesting the societal changes which occurred after the death of John F. Kennedy) and put another (suggesting Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson) into sovereignty (Johnson succeeding Kennedy as president ). Soon, but late come to so high a position (the American Presidency), of young age (John F. Kennedy became president at 44), such by land and sea it will be necessary to fear him.” This last line appears to be a general reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962. The Soviets and the Cubans “feared” President Kennedy’s show of power, which successfully forced Soviet President Krushchev, through an agreement, to remove the Soviet nuclear missiles from their launch site.

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