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TV Appereances

As Seen On Television:
The History Channel (domestic & international)
The Discovery Channel
TheToday Show, Channel 9, Sydney Australia
Fox 40 Sacremento
Fox 13 Los Angeles Ca.
Channel 52 Hispanic TV Houston, Tx.
The National Geographic Channel
The PAX Network

Radio Shows

As Heard On:
WGN Chicago, Il.
BBC World Service Radio, London, UK
BBC Radio 4, London, UK
News Talk Radio, Vienna, Austria
1530 KFBJ San Diego Ca.
Strange Daze (Liberty Works) Balt., MD
Newstalk ZB, Christchurch, New Zealand
KFBK Newstalk, Sacramento, CA
KVEC, San Luis Obispo, CA
WORC Worchestire, Mass
KISS 108 FM-Boston
KWAB Boulder, Co.
6 radio stations across Australia (and many other radio stations around the world)
The Jill Dahne Show 1470 AM Miami Fl
Radio Ireland




Nostradamus Magazine - Paris, France
USA Today
CBS Marketwatch
The News-Press - Fort Myers, FL
Gendia Weekly (Japan's largest weekly) Tokyo, Japan
Atlantis Rising Magazine
Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX
TCU Magazine
Met Spirit - Augusta, Ga
BBC Focus Magazine
As well as many others